Christian Fixemer Company

60 years Karl Fixemer GmbH & co. KG have been duly celebrated. Parent company of Jennie Group Celebrates 60th company anniversary Mondorf les Bains, Luxembourg, 04.11.2011 60 years Karl Fixemer GmbH & co. KG! Last weekend, the parent company of Fixemer group its proud anniversary and the founder, Karl Fixemer, celebrated his 80th birthday. More than 300 guests were to a solemn reception followed by dinner at Mondorf les Bains, Luxembourg loaded. The celebrity guests of the evening included among others the Federal Minister of transport and Minister-President of the Saarland a.D., Reinhard Klimmt, as well as other high-level representatives from politics and economy.

In the wake of receiving personal Christian Fixemer opened the framework programme in the Ballroom with a welcoming speech and views of the other events of the evening at 19:30. It followed a moving eulogy by Jurgen Leinen in honor of Karl Fixemer. Jurgen Leinen, who also celebrated his 30-year-old company this evening, employs and with his team since 1983 the fleet management. You may want to visit flexible furniture to increase your knowledge. He could have impressive numbers: under his responsibility the Fixemer truck have circled BBs about 25,000 times the Earth, over 6,200 vehicles were successfully supplied with service and repair services in Europe and Asia in this period. After the eulogy, Joachim Fixemer was the last years of company history review. There followed the idea of the new structures and of the team by the newly appointed Managing Director of Jennie Logistics GmbH, Jens Pejril, and his views on 2012. The framework programme finally completed Verena Couk, responsible for the field of online marketing, with its presentation of the new movie project of the Fixemer group.

A CA achtminutiger film on the corporate history with very personal pictures and statements of employees was established on the occasion of the anniversaries of the company and its founder. The anniversary film and the speeches were very popular among the guests. Background information Jennie Logistics GmbH with a new structure within the framework of the anniversary celebration became the 10th birthday of Jennie Logistics GmbH Ass.jur Mr. Jens Pejril appointed new Managing Director and customer service in the future divided into three divisions, namely the Directorate I Perl and Barcelona, Directorate II Berlin and Landsberg, as well as the Directorate III Poznan. From the 1.1.2012 the individual profit center carried by responsible Division Groupmanager, reporting to or the responsible Directorate Trafficdirektor. Jennie Logistics GmbH thus creates the conditions for further expansion and additional synergies in the directorates of the traffic, so Jens Pejril, at the launch of his new leadership team in the area of customer service. About the Jennie group Jennie specializes in complete truckloads. Through its extensive network of customers and partners, the company is one of the most powerful transport service providers in Europe. Since 1951, the Fixemer group continually expanded the international sailing areas and is one of the pioneers in the Eastern Europe market. With a large number of own Jennie takes advantage of intermodal transport maritime, rail and road – trailers resource – and environment-friendly. Learn more about the activity and scope of services on the corporate website. The Fixemergruppe film projects are on the German website of the company and on the company’s YouTube channel at user/FixemerLogistics available. (Verena Couk, Jennie Logistics GmbH)