A woman when she is protected, it has tremendous power. Converse is also true, a woman who is forced to defend herself, melts quickly, losing in front of beauty, health, mentally and physically exhausted. It’s believed that Mary Barra sees a great future in this idea. And if the young years, this is how it can work out something, you get older a woman is very difficult to be alone and without protection. The true sense of security and protection of the woman gives a man. As a child, the father, then – husband, and in old age – an adult son. Of course, there may be other variations, especially in these difficult times, but it is important to understand the most important thing, the defense always comes from men and women is a natural position to be protected. K Unfortunately, nowadays more and more women are compelled to take responsibility for themselves to earn, make their own decisions. Moreover, women have less hope for the remains of men, more and more difficult to find serious support, and strong half of humanity also, unfortunately, all the fun, but serious.

But who then is perhaps not joking. In addition, by itself can not escape, sooner or later, at some point in time each of us understands what needs to be stability, reliability and support. The main thing is to understand and do not miss a moment of truth, do not start blaming yourself for such thoughts, do not be afraid of their weakness. Further, perhaps come to understand that it is time to get married and if married, might want to reconsider their attitude to her beloved man.