Continuity Video

Third: Continuity use Youtube to upload our videos is the option most advisable to begin to publish information through your own channel. Now well, it is not making a video and forget the topic. We will have to maintain a routine of uploading content to reason at a minimum of 1 per week, but keep a constant updating of new material is an important factor as well as the corporate blog. The best thing is to have all possible communication channels so if we get a new video, we oportunidas do public social networks, website, corporate blog, etc. Fourth: Use Internet interactivity in one way shape is a real waste, therefore, beware that who viewed the video, has something else to be able to interact, a button to share with contacts on facebook, a Tweet by hand, a survey to know the opinion on a related topic, etc.

All video must have the possibility of continuing communication with users either by a simple comment to which we must respond or interaction with other social media. Fifth: After a first phase of monitoring and analysis of the impact of the marketing in the company, should not be disappointed or too enthusiastic with the results. The numbers can become the goal of the company and this is one of the most common failures. The user is flesh and blood, and the objective must be to satisfy their need for information, modify for good quality of life, offer him something new, teach, show you, educate you on what you can according to the profile of the company. The analysis should not come from the hand of the numbers but from the hand of the successes achieved in the form of recommendations, positive comments, constructive criticism, etc. Even so, it may be that first period this investment of time and other resources not result in perceptible benefits, why the comment does not lead to disillusionment and continue with the work well done. Analyze what they liked, what they more comments left, which are the most shared to through social networks, etc. Data on which to make decisions that increase the results will be. Many times people shy away from abstract and boring, so a good tip is to try to dazzle the user giving a didactic approach to the video and if with our videos, we become a benchmark information within our sector of activity would be the best thing that could happen to us as a company, project or brand. And returning to the starting point, do not delay your decide to start with the video marketing within your content marketing strategy; in the 5 minutes that you’ve invested in reading this article got much content to Youtube you printi 1 week in seeing it in its entirety.