Cultural and political image

Obama gave a speech at the Victory Column on 24 July 2008 in Berlin, Germany.
Obama’s family background, his early life, upbringing and education, contrasted sharply with the biographical backgrounds of other African American politicians who launched their careers in the 1960’s through the participation in the civil rights movement. 206 During a meeting with the Association of Black Journalists (in English, National Association of Black Journalists) completed in August 2007, said it was perplexing questions about whether it is “black enough” and said the debate is not about their physical appearance or his record of support on issues of concern to black voters but we are still trapped in this notion that if we please the whites something must be wrong.
Reunion of U.S. presidents, 7 January 2009. From left to right: George H. W. Bush, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.
In December 2006, the Wall Street Journal was entitled The man from nowhere (in English, The Man from Nowhere), where Peggy Noonan, author of the speeches of Ronald Reagan commentators advise Establishment (a pejorative term on the ruling class) which avoided emotions still early political career of Obama. Echoing the inaugural address of John F. Kennedy, Obama acknowledged his youthful image, and pointed out during his campaign in October 2007 would not be here if the weather and the torch had not been granted to a new generation.
An important part of Obama’s political image is the perception that its rhetoric and its actions toward political reform politics match his intelligence, which often includes a measure of convenience. In July 2008, article from The New Yorker magazine, written by political reporter Ryan Lizza, stated: Obama makes a campaign for reforming a broken political process, but has always played politics by following the existing rules and not who you want to have.
Many political commentators mentioned Obama’s international appeal as a determinant of their public image. Not only did several polls have shown strong support to the other countries, but Obama has also established relationships with prominent foreign politicians and government officials present even before his presidential candidacy. In particular with then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom he met during his visit to London in 2005, also with the Italian democratic party leader Walter Veltroni, who visited in 2005 to Obama’s office Senate, and the head of state Nicolas Sarkozy, who in turn visit him in Washington in 2006. In December 2008, the U.S. news magazine Time chose Barack Obama as the person of the year due to its historic nomination and election, which was reported in the publication as “The safe way of apparent success impossible.”