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This can warmly & care warming foot cream help to prevent. “The new cream makes smooth and soft feet with Kokosolen and Glycerin,” says Dr. Maike Kuhlmann from the research and Development Department by Beiersdorf. “So to support the skin’s natural moisture balance and keep the feet clean and healthy.” 5. the winter events that make the winter to a special season enjoy drinking of mulled wine toast to the Christmas market, walks in the snow or on new year’s Eve with friends to the new year – that are. Unfortunately, ice feet often provide an premature end. Warm & care warming foot cream helps to preserve a warm feeling.

With warm & care his care for beautiful feet Hansaplast warming foot cream expanded with another beauty product. The cream is since October 2009 for approximately 5.49 euros (tube 75 ml) available in drug stores, food retailers and pharmacies. Hot tips & care warming Foot cream can apply, massage, just pull up and enjoy the warm feeling in the feet. The correct dosage is individually different since every woman differently perceive the intensity of the feeling of heat. The cream should not be used on broken skin.

Detailed instructions to warm & warming foot cream, visit care. * According to a survey of Beiersdorf research, 85 percent of the women surveyed in Germany and France with cold feet especially when asleep suffer. * Survey of Beiersdorf research among women in Germany and France * the Thermocare system integrates an effective heat-activating complex in a nourishing, moisturizing cream and is based on the ingredient, Vanillyl butyl ether. Keywords: cold feet, warm and care, cold feet, ice, foot warmer, feet ice feet, foot warmer, ice, ice foot, what do against cold feet, what to do for cold feet, cold feet, cold foot, Cold feet, cold foot, icy, icy feet, cold feet, icefeet, ice cream feet produkte/fusspflege/pflege/139770.html