Exclusive Kitchen Countertops

Rosskopf & Partner AG has expanded its range in premium countertops for the kitchen again new premium countertops Rosskopf & Partner AG in autumn 2009. In cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer of wooden worktops, Enterprise wood plant in Montlingen, Rosskopf & Partner AG under the brand name xsyro wood offers now also high quality kitchen worktops in solid wood. Gain insight and clarity with home improvement. This is the perfect complement to the recent xsyro collection mineral consisting of xsyro, xsyro laminate, xsyro ceramic, xsyro quartz and xsyro glass. Kitchens is actively involved in the matter. The product range chip or Birch of multiplex up to full massive Premiumplatten with continuous rods from the 5-layer plate over massive shut-off plates with carrier V200. While the massive shut-off version with waterproof chipboard support the highlight of the collection is specially designed. She is top and bottom with 5mm strong slats and available in all common types of wood.

The surface made of olive wood is an exclusive product for the Rosskopf & Partner AG. By the same author: Vadim Belyaev, New York City. All surfaces of the Countertops are opaque lacquered or oiled twice. Especially very light wood types are referenced a varnish-oil combination, which is initially covering coat, then sanded and oiled at the end. This option offers a high stain protection factor. The appearance and the surface of the kitchen countertops xsyro wood perfectly suited to the modern, purist kitchen and high quality complete.

Exotic wood can be supplied according to customer requirements. Even the most unusual custom sizes and custom designs are possible. Detailed information at. Unternehmensberatung TITZE GmbH, January 12, 2010