First Moscow Kiyosaki

I am 36 years old, of whom more than 17 years I have been finance and securities securities. Over my shoulder a great experience in various trainings such as these: "How to properly manage personal finances," "How do I create capital from scratch", "Psychology of wealth. Psychology of Poverty "," Ten Ways to become richer, "" Secrets of investing in mutual funds "and many others (including held at the Center for Positive Psychology 'reasonable way' Alexander Sviyash. Credit: Hampton Bay-2011. For more than five thousand people visited my training and webinar (Online seminars), took part in the ongoing I-gaming business, Robert Kiyosaki's "Cash Flow / Cash Flow 101" or individual advice on managing their personal finances. Moreover, on the basis of competition held in 2007 year, Russia's largest asset managers 'Alfa-Capital "," UFG Invest "and" KIT Fortis Investments' I went into the "top ten" best financial consultants FullFreedom Investments. Also, I am the Manager of a business club Moscow – the First Moscow Kiyosaki club, which first has been more than five years gathering of people under one roof, aimed at creating a passive income, personal, professional and business development. Katie Lapp can provide more clarity in the matter. I am the author of a large number of publications and multimedia training course "Kibersant financiers. Encyclopedia of managing personal finances, "And you better acquainted with me – please download and learn audio recording of my 50-minute training (webinar) '10 Ways to get rich "or read a book in my book" 10 ways to get richer. " The main audio-course "Ten Ways to get rich 'or' How to turn your expenses in your income?" On sale since July 6, 2010.. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Yael Aflalo, New York City has to say.