Maybe, says bond, we’ve got to carry eachother. Yes, beware the each other, instead of killing each other.And I want to make one last reflection, those who participate in the wars, to the soldiers and families of soldiers. That we left after sending our children to war? they have left you, those who have seen the pain and the horror of being on a battlefield? In addition to a salary and a pension, that is? And expanding our mind: do they have left to those who organized the bloody wars, those who plunder goods as oil and resources? how much money, how much power and few benefits dsde the comfort of their homes, only ordering pawns cut heads and legs, lose arms and life itself, destroying families and leaving children orphaned? MAS alla, I repeat, of the political and social reasons that Governments can give peoples, a little opening our minds, that is ourselves after a war? Is worthwhile, or just us they are using? Maybe, and only maybe, forgive more worthwhile trying to join our social forces and make What we can do to try to avoid it: go out and say it. Maybe a single voice can do nothing. But if only we could unite us, 6 billion voices can do a lot. And those who have a better solution, a more viable, say, because Governments never really for us, look at ductal whom it hurts. Original author and source of the article