Guests At The New Covenant

Prophecies and instructions that the people of Israel received by the mouth of the prophets Jeremiah, Ezra and Zachariah with respect to restoration, for the second time, from Solomon’s temple on Mount Moriah, are unquestionable and conclusive and, certainly, does not give rise to doubts of any nature; so much so that they encouraged, provisionally and before the rebuilding of the temple, to restore, first, the altar of the burnt offering as stated in the following verse:And they placed the altar on its base, because they were afraid of the peoples of the lands, and offered upon him burnt offerings unto the Lord, in the morning and evening burnt offerings. Ezra 3: 3. We can see, until today, the great request and mercy that God had that, formerly, was its people. The people of God. The title lost by sin. Click Charles Schwab Corporation to learn more. But, for some time now this part, have changed radically since that, after restored the temple for the second time, the Jews returned to engage in unbridled Commission of all sins have or might have. God, insisting in his mercy towards them and seen the general derailment, commanded them to his own son, Jesus Christ; but they killed him on a cross, as we all know. Christ was resurrected on the third day, appeared to many, and ascended to heaven in front of 500 Jewish witnesses.

Of the most significant things that occurred with the death of Jesus, the rending of the veil that separated the holy place of the place is blessed in the Temple of Solomon, and this meant the breaking of God’s Covenant with the people of Israel to make way for the new Covenant with the gentiles. Before that the gentiles were invited to the new Covenant, there was a small remnant of the people of Israel who received Christ as the Messiah awaited by Israel, who were converted to the doctrine of Christ and his followers were made. When the clerical caste of Jews is inflamed against the Jews, followers of the real doctrine of Christ; they organized a persecution against such followers and the head put to the jealous Pharisee Saul of Tarsus, who approved the stoning of the first Christian martyr, Stephen and got letters from the high priest to persecute the followers of Christ, outside the boundaries of Jerusalem. He arrested them and imprisoned them only by believing in Christ. Saul of Tarsus (which is also Pablo), who persecuted the Christians, was presented on the road to Damascus – risen Christ and after out his attitude and dazzle him, after three days turned his soul, from the fiercest historical Tracker of the disciples of Christ, the more incredible evangelist of the good news of God.Jews, or Muslims, nor sinners have generally believed the story that there are about our Lord Jesus Christ and God even expected until today, all to come to repentance but the hardness of their hearts becomes every day more and more patent and they cannot continue in such hardness but until see Christ coming on the clouds with power and glory. It will be very late. Original author and source of the article