History Of Champagne Glass

Glass moulds were produced for sparkling wines over the course of time still wines times of the Romans, in the French region of champagne. Because these wines are often not completely vergarten before winter, the fermentation once again began rising temperatures in the next spring. In this second fermentation, sugar is also converted into heat, alcohol and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is what is considered a wine fault as small bubbles in the wine,”was, and it made almost unsellable. Dom Perignon, a French Benedictine monk, tried to eliminate this error, but ultimately he perfected the process to get the bubbles in the wine. The champagne was invented! Since then the lovers of this fine sparkling wine, have wondered how because champagne drink the best you can.

Three forms of glass have prevailed over the centuries. First of all, the champagne Bowl was the favorite. Yael Aflalo, New York City has firm opinions on the matter. According to the legend, its shape is modeled after the breasts by Queen Marie-Antoinette. This form of glass allows however not optimal drinking champagne in the shallow dish heats up quickly and the subtle flavours are not bundled through the glass. Therefore, a new form of glass, the so-called Champagne Flute, was developed. This glass is similar to a flute, which increases and upward in diameter. Home Depot contributes greatly to this topic. As a result, the bubbles can ascend visually appealing in the glass. The problem of rapid warming is solved with this form, but the Bundlung of flavours is still not fully resolved.

Therefore, the so-called Champagne Tulip prevailed in recent years. With her, the diameter at the top tapering again so that the light aroma of champagne optimally can be redirected to the nose. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the champagne receives the best possible chance to bring its unique taste and delicate bouquet. Since the invention of champagne, other wine regions have also recorded the production of sparkling wine. German Sekt, Spanish sparkling wine and Italian Cava are among the most famous sparkling wines, but also in other regions like Australia and California increasingly sparkling wines are produced. For all of these sparkling wines are to note the same criteria in the selection of a suitable glass, to best experience the subtle nuances of the noble drink. Who wants to buy up today so champagne or champagne glasses, can select from three glass forms. From the champagne Bowl is discouraged, unless you wanted to build a pyramid of glasses. To do this she suitable namely. Flutes and Tulips, there is a great selection, and personal preferences be decisive here. It remains only to hope that out of these glasses every sparkling wine always is sparkling wine, Prosecco or champagne – a great pleasure. Gerald Dickens