Holistic Education: An Unexpected Experience

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master "Holistic Education: an unexpected experience," Student: Rocio Valtierra Griselda Lopez. Guadalajara, in June 2008 even before starting the MA in Holistic Education, I thought that suffering was a consequence of the lack of what is wanted and not had or what they had and lost, that the lack of security, serenity and fears, were characteristic of the person who inherited and that inevitably we had to make do with these aggregates and cope the rest of our lives. It was not until the beginning of the mastery that I realized that all these factors we can overcome suffering, at first I learned that much material and emotional, which lacked that made me suffer, were not required to live in peace, in the master learned that our essence, what we really are, our spirit, we are all equal, that this essence is love, equanimity and happiness. I was shocked to know our essence, our true Self, does not suffer is not affected by the lack of material or emotional. In the course of the Masters have come to understand that the cause of suffering, loss of inner peace, provoke us attachments, lack of understanding of impermanence and see reality with a confused mind, because what exists in our thinking is what makes us suffer, receiving a misplaced, leading to misconceptions arising from an absurd perception of reality, my goal, from this understanding, it was then, the understanding of these causes to make me aware of them and start to overcome suffering.