TRANSIT by industry in the industrial park specifically the city of Sogamoso FUNDIMETAL company had the opportunity to share and observe the operation of various machines, which are responsible for metal fundimiento so you can turn this in large rolls of wire. Given that the raw material of this product is one hundred percent scrap which comes to deposit various collection points. Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 , is a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company When you can see that there exists an attitude of prevention since in these industries is essential to the carrying of helmet, boots if due industrial safety equipment. We had the opportunity to observe the unloading of a tractor-trailer loaded with rolls of wire, which is marketed by it. This was announced by the Manufacturers Association of Sogamoso (Adis), that is promoting this macro project that would involve multimodal business: services, industry and commerce. The industrial site would be created in Sogamoso and could also cover the municipalities of Nobsa and Topago. The minimum investment in this zone will be 11.8 million dollars, it was stated the president of the board of Adis Prada Ricardo Serrano. The free zone will be located in the industrial sector Sogamoso in the north of the city, in a batch of at least 20 hectares. Prada said that so far there are four companies interested in the project, but there is a possibility of the arrival of foreign investors. “There is a proposal to regionalize the industrial zone with Nobsa and Topago Sogamoso. It takes a bit of decision by the municipal administration to reform the Land Management Plan and is made in the shortest time possible,” said the President Addis. For Boyaca already approved two special permanent zones: one is to Maquilagro and the other of Acerias Paz del Rio is Maquilagro The agribusiness of biofuels and operate within Tuta. Received approval on 6 December 2007. The steel industry will be of Acerias and setting it on Belencito (Nobsa). This was approved on 16 September. There is also an initiative to establish a free trade zone would offer services to the coal mining sector. The zone is defined geographic area within the country, where industrial activities are goods and services, and commercial activities under special regulations on taxation, customs and foreign trade. Goods entered in these zones are considered outside the national customs territory for purposes of taxes on imports and exports, as reported by Act 1004 of 2005, which regulates these businesses. “The benefit is an income tax of 15 percent on their profits, the customs: not paying duty or VAT, and the exchange rate: Periods of rotation and management of foreign payments different from ordinary imports,” he said Rogelio Knob Gutierrez, expert private consultant zones. Article by: DIEGO ALVAREZ, WILLIAM SAAVEDRA, YEISON BARRERA, ALEJANDRO RINCON, JORGE STEEL.