Japanese Kitchen Knives

In a professional kitchen is there a variety of different knives Kai cooking knife belong to the Japanese kitchen knives are very sharp and long lasting. The Kai Wasabi Black knives series includes three different blade shapes. The Yanagiba knife has a long, narrow, single-sided polished blade, which is particularly sharp. It is perfectly suitable to the filieren of fish and meat or the cut by thin slices of sushi. The Deba knife is particularly robust and cutting through bones. Due to the wide blade, it is called kitchen hatchet. To the smash of bones of the back of the knife is suitable.

The Deba knife is like the Yanagiba knife the typical unilateral cut. Both sides polished, the Wasabi is knife. It is divided into different knife shapes. Read more from closets to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Wasabi paring knife is suitable with its five-inch-long blade for decorative fruits and vegetables cuts. The Wasabi utility knife is extremely versatile, for example for cutting vegetables, fish or meat.

A further utility knife is a knife, the Santoku particularly suitable for cutting meat. The Nakiri knife is recommended for chopping vegetables and salad. Two more Wasabi knives are the kitchen and the bread knife. The Kai Shun knife series includes five different blade shapes damask. Santoku knife is suitable for meat, fish and vegetables. Fish knife are long, narrow and particularly bent. Japanese kitchen knives are used for meat, fish and vegetables. China chef’s knife has a very wide, high, heavy blade, the is to the hack of cabbage and herbs is particularly suitable. There are vegetable knives, which are again divided into such as peeling and tomato knives. All the meat cutters belong to steak Ausbein-Tranchier-Filier-and slicing knife. The name suggests usually use.