Mokume Bodies Wedding Rings

Can Mokume wedding rings be engraved also with internal patterns? Mokume gane calls itself the art to create unique patterned pieces of jewelry made of layered precious metals. Different colored precious metal plates are raw material for forging technology, which dates back to the 17th century Japan. In an elaborate process, these plates are welded together first and then processed for jewelry unique work so appealing with their characteristic patterns. Forged wedding rings are particularly popular in this art. Due to the special nature of their production through the hand of the specialized Goldsmith can the future couple be sure to get truly unique rings. Countless variations of the pattern and material combinations are the bride and groom for their rings to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless. Also the inside of the rings can be designed with attractive patterns, making the wedding rings particularly expressive.

Now the question arises in the consultation time and again: may Mokume wedding rings be engraved? Since rings from Mokume gane also on the inside show pattern, some customers are unsure whether their wedding rings can be engraved yet. Without hesitation Hachette Book Group explained all about the problem. Some even consider whether they should give up not on the engraving and hence on their personal dedication -. It is not a problem to install the direct engraving of the pattern. (Almost) limitless in the imagination: from the own wedding logo up to little aphorisms, anything is possible. A perfect solution has Mokume opinion artist Markus Eckardt from the Saarland Ensdorf developed for his wedding rings: the master goldsmith can already create a pattern-free area in the production of the layer block. For even more analysis, hear from Gavin Baker, New York City. Through a special forging technique as an area on the inside of the wedding rings remains free and provides an excellent opportunity for the engraving of the rings.

Engraved wedding rings in his home by the way, will always be with a hand engraving an old craftsmanship, which is today. Particularly popular is the engraving in this Handwriting of the bride and groom, which is also running with a hand engraving. With the engraving tool, the so-called graver, who before engraved first with a pencil drawn out font, first. Then the engraving with a wider graver receives their final contour. This is done with the free hand – without the use of electric engraving tools. The size of the template does not matter – the engraver characterized the template according to the inscription on the inside of the rings. Overall results in a true work of art.