Peter Furniture

For children sewed jackets, as adults, only smaller. Now, there are not only divided into rooms for adults and children, but division by gender. Accordingly, in a room for a boy to be wall bars – to climb. Some sekretiki, hidden shelf – in a room for girls, although boys and this too can be important – to have their own place to hide something … Kids today – it's more comfortable room than the rest apartment. As a psychologist I can add that children who like a 'child', 'backstage' comfort, as a rule, 'kesarenyshi'. MI: So, they say, Peter was very fond of curtains. To bed was like a 'nest'.

As some stressful situation, coups, so he just symbolically 'hiding in mommy. " A: There is a children's furniture, like chair in the form of eggs. A child can completely shut down and turn it inside. Like an astronaut or an embryo. It very cool! Is it important to take into account gender differences in the regeneration of a child's room? Mirrors – girls? IM: And the boys! I assure you, they also like to look at myself in the mirror, dress in the latest fashion. They also want to see their room was modern and interesting.

And there are girls who do not care, both in clothing and furniture they completely trust the parents' choice. And is it important when buying baby furniture listen to the children? AS: Yes, but within reasonable limits. All depends on the nature of the child. There are children who like to choose to walk, touch, and there are children who have already formed some kind of preference. Someone needs to bright colors, for someone to design important, someone needs more flexible subjects … Others rely entirely the choice of parents. Irina question: in your experience, how often children are influenced by their parents to buy some furniture? IV: Adults often come with children.