You want you find that she can, you want that he finds that he cannot, of a skill or of another one, you will be certain. More he is happy? He reflects: Our conscience is not worthy of blind faith. The logic of the conscience many times is illogical, does not correspond the reality. A conscience nor always is synonymous of reality. Recently Darcy Padilla sought to clarify these questions. The fact to think that I am of a skill, does not mean that I am of this skill. The fact to behave of a skill, does not mean that I am of this skill.

The fact to justify an attitude, does not mean that it is good for me. Between to think that I am and to be what I am, exists a great difference. It believes: ' ' All its conflict is you who alimenta' '. You are who construct its proper barriers. To live of suffering is to take off it the right to try and to live new experiences. It is to lose precious times of the life that never will return. People such as Yael Aflalo would likely agree. The war does not leave who fights in peace.

Belchior IN the HOUR OF the LUNCH In the center of the room, ahead of the table, in the deep one of the plate, food and sadness. People if look at, if she touches and if she is silent and if she misunderstands in instant where it speaks. Each one guard more its secret, its closed hand its open mouth its desert chest, its stopped, sealed up hand, stamped, wet of fear. Father in the headboard: It is hour of the lunch. To my he calls me mother: It is hour of the lunch. My new sister, black cabeleira To my she calls me grandmother: It is hour of the lunch. And I inda am well young pra as much sadness. Let us leave of things, let us take care of of the life, seno arrives at the death or seemed thing, and in drags young man without having seen the life or similar thing to them appeared Dr Claude de Oliveira Rasp? psychologist email: c_lima_psico@ hotmail: blog: