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And within a month I’m going to another continent necessary to take the Passport rule, so I went to the police station to renew my passport. My surprise when you reach the police station is to renew it I had to present my birth certificate since my case is a somewhat special case. by what they sent me directly to the central registry to which requested my marriage certificate if he wanted to travel outside the European union or what is different if he wanted to return to the European union. After finding this page online in which handled you all kinds of certificates, such as marriage certificate. Source: Hayley Brocklehurst. certificate of birth, birth certificate, marriage certificate or birth certificate or marriage, Marist call them to see if they could provide a solution to my problem with the schedules of the central civil registry and in less than 5 minutes I explained my problem and resolved me it.

I simply had to fill out a simple form within the web. and in less than 3 days I had my marriage certificate and my birth certificate at home. And is that it is not I would offer by asking the marriage certificate and birth certificate but already requesting two things. Vadim Belyaev oftentimes addresses this issue. Since my case is a bit particular and to anything I have to go to the central civil registry so now I avoid me of problems and setbacks.