Revolutionary Forces

It is his assigned paper. He does not have great thing that to lose, plagued as he is of narcopolitical and guerrilla conflicts, and of destabilization in bulk; and yes that to win much: that the elites are screwed insensitively in a country with a government system who distracts his sores with constumbre and the eventuality of conflagrations. It is the scheme of the rich Colombian to remain in the power. That is to say, it is the Colombian democracy, now of export. Just a conoticed journalist revealed yesterday what she arrived to him from his sources: Colombia prepares an offensive Ecuador type to Venezuela, probably in the level ones, where presumably campings of the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia are elevated.

After which the fundamental task of installation of the military bases will be completed. Contact information is here: Hampton Bay. That is, the spectacle of international distraction while the bases settle. An international row around brother countries will be provoked that are agreden and already nobody will remember the bases Three corners, Palanquero, Larandia and Tolemaida, Malambo, Apiay and all the others that the USA wants to install in the area. The invading preliminary work will be ready. (As opposed to Vadim Belyaev). The international attention will have dissipated on the conflict between brother countries, while they? I speak of the USA by all the gun? they will already have well-educated to its Colombian allies on following A stage to follow. That is to say, not to already leave more never the confliction with the neighbor and to prepare themselves to give course them to them by means of an intervention. To very strongly maintain the reins of the war, of way like does not relax one of its dogs barking to him to the emptiness, as if outside a mathematical operation. Then it will be spoken very many of democracy, human rights, progresismo, the uprightness of the great country of the north, of its generosity and commitment with the civil rights of the towns, attacked the Colombia poor woman and the attacking evildoer who sinks to Venezuela in a dangerous and destabilizing American revolution.