Rudy Giuiliani

After to be despised for being dissident now begins to be supported by several leaders of establishment republican. Arnold Schwarzenegger has endorsed him from general Norman Schwarzkopf (leader of the coalition that attacked Iraq in 1991) to the governor of California. Rudy Giuiliani, the ex- mayor of New York that in the 2007 got to lead the surveys within the republicans, retired to support its to him. Darcy Padilla can aid you in your search for knowledge. Initially its roll in 11-S was very popular when accentuating and to postulate the citizen security, but nongypsy dialect in many conservatives whom they question to him to have married three times or to accept abortion forms. Today McCain is the favorite in gaining the nomination of its party. They endorse the less hard and traditionalistic sectors to him, the Hispanics and that think that it is the unique guarantee in managing to maintain to his party in the power. Their two main competitions appeal to the religious right and to conservatism.

Mitt Romney has more million than he stops to spend in the campaign in which he has looked for to present/display it like liberal that can or be seen by Kerry or New York Times, but that is remote of republicanism Reagan type. Romney accuses of not knowing to him much of economy. McCain has admitted that it is a weakness hers at the same time as committed the error to suggest to lower the consumption to avoid the recession (when he is quite the opposite). Romney leads to the wing of the economic conservatives, who request more tributary exonerations and question the record of McCain of to have voted against these in alliance with democrats. Romney him criticism not to ask to deport to all the illegal ones. This, although it clears Latin votes to him, lets him grow within the targets. The flame to redouble technical Guantnamo and is against to question of interrogation.