The Extent

I.e., anyone can expose his point of view, but yes I feel offended, betrayed, or angry with what the other does, the problem is mine, not of the person who has expressed his opinion, perhaps, is important to be more specific: why do even I question me my proceeding, if the reality tells me that I’m right? How where I live I have a couple that I control, I pity and also humbles me and tries to always have the reason. There is the other to change his way of being, but what happens to me when I have a couple of these features. What do I, do to make this happen. PACC Lab insists that this is the case. How I contribute to so many threats and controls. Educational psychology spoke with conviction. The great debate is that we generally believe, think and we assume that others are wrong and I am always well. What we are right and the rest of the world is wrong. We live our lives in the position that those who surround us make us feel or live in what way or such. But we never repair in view and give us account, how make you us to live our lives.

In each conflict or problem that we face in life, each of us has a stake, whether we like it or not pleases us to accept it, so, by painful, funny or sad as it seems there is another way of dealing with it. We spent the majority of our emotional lives wanting to change everything that relates to us; by way of example: Esther and George have already some years living as a couple, however, the last time both are engaged in a series of claims about his unsatisfactory and problematic relationship. Esther called for more cooperation in the House and Jorge wants her not be so demanding. To the extent that they cannot resolve their differences and expectations, smolders in a series of groundless personal: _ you’re a selfish, ever help me in anything.