The House

But I forgot a great detail. Of my. I felt I had the home and marriage secured against all risks, and paid my insurance on a daily basis with dedication and punctuality. I had the fantasy of being essential and for that simple reason I felt that I would never get this moment. I look to my around. The House is almost as always.

There is no major modifications. The same furniture, the dog that was made my feet wherever it stops me a few moments, the Sun coming in through the kitchen window in the afternoon. Despite everything the House looks so different I find no place that I welcome. It is strange that the door not opens at six in the afternoon with the characteristic noise of your keychain. Kids today do not come after school, not returning until Sunday. It is a time of late and early. Balance sheets and projects. Reunions and confrontations.

Why is that until you reach December already beginning to sprout lights, garlands and balloons to trees of the city? Before I thought that it was a commercial matter, now I think that people want to have more time to say goodbye to everything that has finished. I think that it is enough of farewells and balances. Who should I? Do with whom no I turned? Am perhaps guilty or victim? I have a weekend ahead, an end of year ahead the rest of my life ahead. There are still postponed dreams, emotions hungry sprout on my eyes, through my veins, through my pores. The fear only alerts me of the unknown, but not paralyzes me. The future for the first time is uncertain or for the first time I am aware that the end of the story is never written because I have to go write. It is that, perhaps had stopped writing the novel of my life.