The Shell

The man (at best) can you truly regret. But usually, your representatives of the stronger sex "zalet" as a small nuisance that happened to you, and that did not look at the background of his major failures (for example, go haywire in the motor vehicle). And some can even blame the woman and that she "is pregnant again!" By the way, the women themselves often provoke such an attitude. Having barely oklematsya after such an unpleasant operation, they almost fall out of the window to thank her for the faithful transmission and affably waved him rukoy.Na same question: "How are you doing?" try to answer as soon as possible sedative, "All right!" Yes, he does not need a comforting! You are alive, smiling, waving his hand actively – something he worried? You can continue the good work! So if you are not completely given up on a hand or want to give him a feel for what lay in the hospital not to take a break from household chores, take into service a few tips: Remember to be selfish – not necessarily a bad thing. Right now this the right moment. Love your body. It is your sole and husbands come and go. But even those who remain can not get into your skin (and the obstetrical chair.) Do not aspire to be discharged immediately after surgery.

Abortion insidious. It is fraught with various complications – an inflammation of the uterus, soldering pipes, etc. Take care of yourself. Do not worry, no home will cost you well. Your better half is useful to run a little shopping, to stand at the stove, and break head of the puzzles, which asked children to school.

Maybe then he will more appreciate your hard work? Do not you cry and modesty in a hospital window, you do not have to bear! You should! Needed juice, chocolate, fruit to quickly recover and to sweeten the bitter pill of the incident. Let the shell, perhaps, will continue to umnee.Otbroste false shame and obyazhite to provide you with hygiene items. Wadding, gauze, gaskets – all this you should have in abundance. Pants can be washed in the sink, and dried in the back of the bed, but at home to do it udobnee.Smoyte all paint from the face and try to look as much as possible helpless when you look out the window the first time. He should make sure that you have experienced "something." Specify that drawing day he will come to you in the car. If you do not have a car, let him ask his friend. If not – spit at all and hire taksi.Doma do not rush immediately to restore order and prepare dinner. For a few days lying on the couch with a book in hand – your right. Not very abundantly on "how it all happened." If you are asked vzdrognite and say that you do not want this board last vspominat.I: do not overdo it! Abortion, especially if it is successful, no reason to rest of your life to pose as a dying swan. People wisdom, "Brother sister loves the rich, and my husband's wife – a healthy," grown too not just happen.