Video Panel

The front panel has 4-point wheel controls. Visually, it resembles the touch ClickWheel, which is familiar to all of players iPod nano and iPod Video. But unlike the touch-wheel ClickWheel, in this model, all management is built on the buttons. Each of the four sides of the wheel well and is easily pressed and is responsible for switching between tracks, rewind within composition and volume control. Inscribed button is responsible for starting and stopping playback, and using it is blocking controls (you need to hold it down for a few seconds.) Also like the rest of the buttons, the central button is pressed very clearly comfortable recording keystrokes of each button is accompanied by a slight click. The rear panel is occupied by the clip, which is made all around player in the result, it has become very robust and reliable.

The outer part of the clip caused corporate logo Apple, just under the clip on the back, the panels bear information about the device. The upper side part is made of white plastic and left completely free. The lower side panel, also made of white plastic, equipped with two switches and a tiny LED. Round steel switches move very easily and clearly, but excluded spontaneous them on or off. One of the switches is responsible for turning on / off the player. The second switch provides switching between rindomize / shuffle, in which an arbitrary choice playback of songs and the usual mode in which the song is played sequentially.